Glassmen is an experimental indie rock band based in Madison, Wisconsin.


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Glassmen is experimental indie rock with guitar, organ pedals, drums, and vibrato. The sound, sometimes jarring, is fragile, sharp, reflective, and distorting—like glass.

Sarah Jennings Evans synthesized the unique sound of Glassmen when she developed a rare joint condition and—for a period of over five years—lost the use of her arms.  This disability really upset her life.  Living in Madison, Wisconsin, she had been working as a sound engineer and playing electric guitar for a few different bands.  But these activities require arms.  To cope with her new disability, Sarah knew that she needed to continue making things—she just wasn’t sure what, in her current state, she could create.

Fortunately, she still had melodies rolling around in her head.  And she could still move her legs and sing.  Playing percussion with her feet, she started on the kick drum and hi-hat and soon moved on to what would become her signature instrument: the organ pedals.  She also discovered how to control a computer with a foot mouse—and thus manipulate recordings she had made before her disability.  Bringing all of these ways of making music together—the melodies, the organ pedals, clips of her old recordings—Sarah released For the Crows in 2012.

Realizing that her arms weren’t getting better anytime soon—and that she was going to “use up” her recorded music, if she depended on it for making new songs—she started to write songs using only the organ pedals, drum samples, and her voice.  In this manner, she wrote All My Best (released in 2013) and another sequence of songs (to be released in 2017).

After another two years, Sarah’s arms finally recovered enough for her to play guitar. Playing both electric guitar and organ pedals now, in a synthesis of what she had learned from her period of disability and what she had known from before, Sarah started performing again–now often accompanied by drummer Vivian Lin.  In 2015, Glassmen released “As a Statue/Do You Need Hands for That?” as part of the Gatas y Vatas compilation.  And in 2017 she will release her 2nd EP: Seagull in Spotlight.



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